Fall Flu Events for Center for Sustainable Health Care Quality & Equity 

WASHINGTON, D.C. (September 23, 2022) — The National Minority Quality Forum’s Center for Health Care Quality and Equity (SHC) unveiled plans to increase flu vaccination awareness throughout the 2022-23 influenza season.

During the flu season, the SHC will engage with several health systems and approximately 30 clinics implementing activities to increase flu vaccination in the health care setting and community. SHC initiatives including the Faith Health Alliance and Wellness Warrior programs have held health fairs, distributed flu shots at Rite Aid, and hosted flu awareness events at local churches in three states across the country.

Alarmingly, racial and ethnic disparities in flu vaccination rates have widened over the past year. Flu vaccine disparities place communities of color at increased risk of serious illness, including hospitalization and death. Each year, SHC partners with community health clinics, barbershops, and churches to promote flu vaccinations in minority communities.  The CDC recommends annual flu vaccination for those 6 months and older, with additional guidance this year for high-dose vaccines for those 65 and older.

“Since last year’s influenza season, we have expanded our Health Champions network, welcomed more churches to our Faith Health Alliance, more pharmacists to our Community Pharmacist Ambassadors, and more barbers to HAIR programs,” said Dr. Laura Lee Hall, President of National Minority Quality Forum’s Center for Health Care Quality and Equity. We know how important it is to connect trusted messengers with community members. Already this September, we held flu vaccine booster clinics in South Carolina, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, protecting  people/vaccines from the risk of serious illness from contracting the flu virus.”

Events such as the upcoming Open Arms Community Health Fair on September 24th in Jacksonville, Florida include nutritional guidance, HIV testing, flu shots, and health expert speakers to dispel common vaccine myths and misinformation.

Other upcoming events:

For more information on how you can get involved, please email shc@nmqf.org