Rapid Testing and Home COVID-19 Test Kits

HAIR Wellness Warriors believe in the importance of regular COVID testing and the use of KN95 tests.  To help make these accessible we now have at-home COVID tests and KN95 masks at some of our Wellness Warrior locations and have provided some resources to ensure proper use of at-home tests.

If you receive a mask or a rapid test at a wellness warrior shop, please fill out this survey:

COVID-19 testing and KN95 masks are available
at some of our Wellness Warriors locations.

If you would like to learn more about how to take a COVID-19 Rapid test, check out our video:

If you would like additional information about how to perform your ihealth antigen rapid test, please check out the iHealth Official Youtube channel. Where you can find step-by-step videos on how to perform the test.

To watch the full playlist click here.