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Pharmacists play a critical role in promoting health in underserved and diverse communities of color by virtue of professional training and their availability in nearly every community. In fact, many pharmacies now provide health screenings, vaccinations, prescription management and chronic health condition maintenance.

That’s why National Minority Quality Forum’s Center for Sustainable Health Care Quality and Equity joined forces with NOVA ScriptsCentral to launch the Community Pharmacist Ambassador program — to train pharmacists to serve as community health educators outside of the pharmacy, providing sound health information and increasing public recognition of the vital role pharmacists can play in health promotion.

The first initiative is “Mission:Flu” — since flu vaccination is vital during the 2021-22 influenza season. Given continued flu vaccine inequities, more severe illness and hospitalization is likely to place patients and health systems, especially those in vulnerable communities, at risk as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Call To Community Action

Community Pharmacist Ambassadors


Are you a pharmacist who wants to help your community during this challenging time?

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The online training program consists of self-paced online modules that provide up-to-date information on the flu and vaccines this year, as well as information about communicating effectively in public settings and speaking with people of color.

Upon completion, you will be provided information on health education opportunities in your community.

Additional modules will become available in the future as well, focused on key health issues that pharmacists can help educate about and manage.


The 2022-2023 Influenza season is upon us, and with the COVID-19 pandemic disproportionately impacting minority and underserved communities, we issue this public health alert that all Americans, particularly minority and underserved communities, should follow the Center for Disease Control’s guidance for influenza vaccine.

There are structural and systemic inequities in the healthcare system that can affect health outcomes for patients. Flu vaccination rates are significantly lower among Black and Hispanic populations, which leads to increased hospitalizations.

It’s vital to educate your community on the importance of getting vaccinated. Sign up today!