Diabetes Working Group and Equity Task Force (DWG)

Diabetes remains a large and growing public health emergency with a disproportionate impact on people of color in terms of prevalence, co-morbid conditions, emergency department use, and mortality. The COVID-19 pandemic has only further increased racial disparities and health risks.

Launched as private-public partnership to promote equity in diabetes treatment and outcomes, the Diabetes Working Group and Equity Task Force (DWG) is assisting the National Minority Quality Forum (NMQF) and its Center for Sustainable Health Care Quality and Equity (SHC) in reducing diabetes risk in people of color and promoting equity in outcomes.

DWG programs include education and quality improvement support for clinical teams and research, as well as community engagement activities to address social determinants of health and research.

Some of Our Programs

• Community-Based Diabetes Education in New Orleans, LA – Collaboration between the Healthy
Heart Community Prevention Project, Tulane University School of Medicine, Louisiana State
University School of Public Health, and SANKOFA NOLA to have trained medical students provide
education to Black patients with diabetes so as to enhance understanding and management of
their condition while accessing healthy foods
• Tele-education and Health Food Resources for Hispanic Patients with Poorly Controlled Health in
Corona, NY – The Federally Qualified Health Center, Plaza del Sol, is reaching out to their patients
with poorly controlled diabetes via telehealth to provide education about the disease and to
provide healthy food access
• Exhausting and Expensive: Themes from a Virtual Town Hall of African American Patients with
Diabetes – This virtual meeting of patients with diabetes from two black communities in Baltimore
City and Prince Georges county Maryland revealed the struggles faced in understanding and
effectively managing diabetes
• DRIVE Toolkit for Promoting Equity in Advanced Diabetes Management and Outcomes – Flagship
online program that supports clinicians and health systems in implementing quality improvement
and educational programs
• Webinar Series: COVID-19 and Diabetes – A series of webinars provided up-to-date information on
the interaction of COVID-19 and diabetes especially in African American populations and the
importance of COVID-19 immunization AND strong diabetes management

Expert members of the diabetes working group and Equity task force

Angie Bricco, Co-Chair
Augusto Enrique Caballero-Robles, Co-Chair

Pam Allweiss
Helen Arteaga Landaverde
Carla Boutin-Foster
Marie Brown
Kelly Close
Joycelyn A Cornthwaite
John Couk
Kacey Creel
Jaime Davidson
Shavon Dickerson
Eric T. Edgell
Daphne Ferdinand
Keith Ferdinand
Rashida Ferdinand
Marilyn Fraser
Karen Gillespie
Shirley Girouard
Jorge Gomez
Jasmine Gonzalvo
Lupe Govea
Laura Lee Hall
Meg Jordan
Michelle Leigh Kimbrough
Terris King

Christel Marchand Aprigliano
David Marrero
Kate Marshall
Kelly Mueller
Beth Mitchell
Anna Norton
Henry Nuss
Krzysztof Pierko
Gary Puckrein
Elvira Rella
Henry J Rodrique
Nataliya Shaforost
Tracy J Sims
Kristen Stevens Hobbs
Ada Stewart
Bruce Taylor
Kate Thomas
Stephen B Thomas
Daniel Verdi
Andrew Vilsinskas
Peter Vigliarolo
Helen Woo
Eugene Wright
Stacy Zulueta